Famous Instagram Makeup artists, to Ms. Tahmineh Chizari

Famous Instagram Makeup artists, to Ms. Tahmineh Chizari

Pat McGrath is a famous makeup artist whom Vogue International Magazine has recognized as one of the most prominent makeup artists in the world in recent years. Pat McGrath has worked with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, and Madonna. You may remember the weird makeups of the Star Wars movie that this artist invented. She is currently the Designer Director of Procter & Gamble Global Cosmetics.

Hung Vanngo is a famous makeup artist on social media, whose fans have called him the king of hairdressing. He has made up celebrities like Selena Gomez and Katy Perry and created stunning faces. Hung Vanngo always chooses the most beautiful and variant cosmetic combinations for his most famous clients. Selena Gomez always emphasizes her eyes and tries to make them more attractive with soft eyeliner, mascara, and eyelashes. Hung Vanngo, a Vietnamese makeup artist, creates one of the most beautiful eyeliners for his clients. He has always created a complete and lovely cat eyeliner for his clients that makes every face attractive and enchanting.

Joy Adenuga is an English-Nigerian makeup artist who has been active in cosmetics for years. She is famous for creating stunning eyeshadows.

Pauline Briscoe has worked behind the scenes with Kelly Roland and Jennifer Hudson for many years, but it has been almost a year since she created her Instagram account and started sharing interesting makeup tricks among her fans.

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