Federal Funding of $1 Million Allotted to SBU to Promote Energy Technology

Federal Funding of $1 Million Allotted to SBU to Promote Energy Technology

A $1 million federal grant will be given to Stony Brook University’s Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center (AERTC) to support the creation of a cutting-edge test platform and applications for offshore wind-generated hydrogen for high-efficiency home heating and cooling. In the end, the test facility will show that offshore wind-generated hydrogen is a feasible decarbonization route.

As part of FY2024 congressionally directed expenditure, this financing was made possible by the leadership of U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and the backing of U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

According to Maurie McInnis, president of Stony Brook University, “We are grateful for the continued leadership of Senator Schumer and support of Senator Gillibrand in securing this federal funding for academic research at Stony Brook University that will help establish a sustainable future for New York State.” With the help of this vital funding, Stony Brook will be able to form business alliances that will result in significant technological breakthroughs and marketable goods for the generation, transmission, distribution, storage, and efficient use of clean energy on smart grids. The state’s economic development objectives and climate action plan will be bolstered by the test facility that will be constructed at Stony Brook’s Research & Development Park.

The technique of using hydrogen produced from offshore wind (OSW) to enable reduced carbon approaches to power applications in residential dwellings will be tested by AERTC in cooperation with other organizations. The project will make use of the grounds, buildings, and infrastructure already owned by AERTC.

With an emphasis on OSW-generated hydrogen, the test facility will have numerous uses as an adaptable testbed for evaluating and demonstrating different technology combinations to maximize the efficiency of energy storage, distribution, usage, and control. Commercial partners will optimize the benefits to the state and community while hastening the deployment of the ensuing technological improvements.

In the end, this research will significantly boost the state’s economy by hastening the conception, development, and commercialization of goods and services provided by New York businesses and industrial partners. The test facility will also be utilized for community engagement initiatives, job development programs, and student training in order to get New Yorkers ready for the coming shift away from fossil fuels in energy. It will also draw attention to the significant and secure role that hydrogen derived from OSW will play in paving the road for a more environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral future.