Fitbit application upgrading charts to make health stats simpler to see

Fitbit application upgrading charts to make health stats simpler to see

The Fitbit application has remained visually unchanged in recent years, yet a redesign of charts stirs up how the portable client presents distance, sleep, and different information.

You’ll be welcomed with a starting brief while opening a chart once the redesign is carried out to your gadget. This redo sees most charts – steps, miles, calories, zone minutes, sleep, heart rate, stress, and so forth – take on a white background that Fitbit says is “easier to read.” Individual/daily information points that show up under are generally something similar.

That background change has the disadvantage of causing the different stat pages to feel identical and quite generic. The background color was a conspicuous differentiator that individuals related with various health metrics. Nonetheless, this new design might actually lay the foundation for Fitbit at last presenting an application wide dark theme.

The second tentpole is intended to further develop navigation by continuously showing top tabs that let you rapidly view by month (single and three) or year. Beforehand, you’d need to tap through a chart to get those more extended time periods. That fullscreen view gives off an impression of being gone today, and was not the most obvious design. Fitbit has additionally supplanted the carousel of various charts with labeled buttons/chips for different information types.

Finally, Fitbit is encouraging historical browsing with left/right arrows underneath the tabs.