Fitbit is apparently working on a ‘luxury’ fitness tracker

Fitbit is apparently working on a ‘luxury’ fitness tracker

Fitbit has all the earmarks of being near releasing its first gadget since Google shut its obtaining however it is not a Wear OS smartwatch. Regardless, the organization may return to its roots.

WinFuture has shared what it says are leaked subtleties of the Fitbit Luxe, a ‘luxury’ fitness tracker (by means of 9to5Google). The gadget purportedly revolves around a stainless steel case with an OLED screen, and the compatible lashes seem, by all accounts, to be significantly better than the no-frills bands you normally see with these trackers.

Fitbit is allegedly encouraging “balanced health in an elegant design.”Accordingly, the Luxe would incorporate GPS, a heart rate monitor and swim-friendly water resistance.

It’s not sure when Fitbit may release the upscale tracker, albeit the depth of the leak recommends it’s coming soon. Fitbit’s greatest challenge might be cost.

While it’s clearly wanting to contact a premium audience, it additionally needs to contend with a wave of low-cost however incredible fitness wearables that might be adequate for some individuals.

We likewise wouldn’t rely on this representing the long-term future of Fitbit given Google’s integration trusts, regardless of whether it’s not really the last hurrah for Fitbit’s less complex wearables.