Fitbit may debut a more moderate $2.99/mo subscription with historical information

Fitbit may debut a more moderate $2.99/mo subscription with historical information

Fitbit’s hardware is strong, yet software is the thing that truly makes the organization’s smartwatches and trackers so great. It’s something we’re anticipating most about Google’s procurement of Fitbit, and if a study from the organization is to be believed, another, less expensive subscription level might be in the works.

The people over at Android Central caught a study from Fitbit that asks clients review a ‚Äúpotential new service offering.” From there, it outlines the current free Fitbit level, which gives fundamental details, for example, step counts, workout tracking, sleep score, and health metrics. At that point, obviously, there’s Fitbit Premium, a $9.99/month subscription that proposals undeniably more information and alternatives for dealing with your health.

Clearly, Fitbit is planning to debut a third subscription level, which costs $2.99 each month. That is a negligible portion of the expense of the regular Premium plan, and thusly, this plan doesn’t actually add a huge load of extra information. It just offers clients extra historical information of the data you can see on the free plan. Fitbit portrays the possible new plan as:

See your activity, sleep, stress, and health metrics for the last month, year, everlastingly with unlimited historical information.

The way things are, the free Fitbit plan will just permit access to the previous 30 days (or just 7 days for certain metrics) of your health and fitness information. This plan would permit clients who just need this data a substantially more reasonable approach to do as such.

Under the terms of its Fitbit acquisition, Google isn’t permitted to use the information from Fitbit clients to sell or target advertisements. Thus, it’s entirely conceivable that Google could go to available subscriptions like these to support income from long-lasting and new Fitbit clients. Prominently, Fitbit stretched out some Premium features to free clients simply this month.