Fitpreneur Mohit Jain’s Fitness & Enterpreneur Mindset Helped Him Climb The Ladder Of Success

Fitpreneur Mohit Jain’s Fitness & Enterpreneur Mindset Helped Him Climb The Ladder Of Success

It is rightly said that success comes to those who dare to dream. Mohit Jain, a youth from Aurangabad dared to dream and changed his life to better. He is one of the most successful entrepreneur and Fitpreneurs in India. His vast knowledge and perseverance helped him chase his dreams.

Mohit Jain runs a successful social media marketing agency called Starbuzz Digimark. With his venture, Jain helps in boosting the reach of brands and popular personalities on social media. The company also helps in online promotions and catering towards a client’s target audience. He has clients from different parts of the country like Delhi, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Hyderabad and many such cities.

Along with being an entrepreneur, people also know Mohit Jain as a Fitpreneur. Mohit has always been serious about fitness. For the past many years, he has been promoting on social media the importance of physical health, exercises and fitness. He had changed the lives of many people with his fitness approach and advice and turned them into fitness influencers. Mohit aims to do it more in the coming time.

Being a businessman and holding the significance of fit life are the qualities that are inculcated in Mohit Jain by his family. Mohit is highly inspired by his father who runs a successful gold business. Whereas, even in the area of fitness, it is his father who has shown him how beneficial it is. Mohit’s father has a black belt in karate. When Mohit was 4 years old, his dad would take him to the gym and make him sit on his back while he would do Hindu Pushups. At the age of 14, Jain would often fall sick so his dad would take him to running every morning at 5 am to make him fit and healthy. The father-son duo would do 100 pushups, 100 squats and 100 surya-namaskar daily.

Mohit Jain said that he takes inspiration from all those people from his real life who shares passion towards fitness and also has an entrepreneur mindset. By the age of 30, he wishes to be a millionaire. Every day, he hustles hard to reach this goal.