Five early-stage startups are supported by Flipkart Ventures through its accelerator program

Five early-stage startups are supported by Flipkart Ventures through its accelerator program

The five new businesses decided to get value based subsidizing through this drive are Algomage, Castler, FlexifyMe,, and ReCircle

As a feature of the program, Flipkart Adventures will make value based interests in the scope of $250,000 to $500,000 in these organizations

Moreover, the new businesses will get support in accomplishing item market fit, laying out a versatile design, and building strong groups

Flipkart Adventures, the endeavor effective financial planning arm of web based business monster Flipkart, has put resources into five beginning phase new companies as a component of its gas pedal program called Flipkart Jump Ahead (FLA).

Presently in its subsequent year, FLA is intended to encourage development and backing business, giving hopeful business people the important assets to flourish in their particular fields.

The five new companies decided to get value based subsidizing through this drive are Algomage, Castler, FlexifyMe,, and ReCircle.

In a proclamation, Flipkart expressed every one of these new companies is effectively creating arrangements that address unmistakable issue explanations, crossing regions, for example, generative man-made intelligence and AI controlled arrangements, computerized escrow banking foundation, and roundabout economy arrangements.

As part of the programme, Flipkart Ventures will make equity-based investments in the range of $250,000 to $500,000 in these companies. Furthermore, the startups will receive support in achieving product-market fit, establishing a scalable architecture, and building cohesive teams, Flipkart said.

“Flipkart has always been at the forefront of empowering the startup ecosystem in India. We are excited to witness the transformative journey of startups in India as they harness Flipkart’s resources and guidance to bring their innovative ideas to life. We are pleased that many startups from last year’s cohort have been able to secure successful investor funding, cultivate new business relationships and implement pilot projects to support the ecosystem,” Lubna Ahmed, head of Flipkart Ventures, said.

Sent off in 2019, Flipkart Adventures is a $100 Mn asset to move beginning phase new companies in India and in this way assist with supporting the environment to fabricate imaginative answers for the following flood of web clients. It has put resources into FinBox, GOAT Brand Labs and Hyperface up until this point. Flipkart Adventures likewise put resources into six beginning phase new companies under FLA last year.

Meet The 5 Chose New businesses

Established by Anand Rathi in 2021, Algomage mechanizes start to finish picture after creation utilizing AI. It assists photographic artists with chopping down handling time and assists supports at live occasions with accomplishing more prominent perceivability by means of marked picture conveyance.


Established by Vineet Singh and Dinesh Kumar in 2020, Castler digitizes escrow banking to offer an easy to understand, effective, and secure insight for overseeing installments and settlement.

Established by Manjeet Singh and Amit Bhayani in 2021, Flexifyme is a man-made intelligence empowered physiotherapy stage to address long haul care for outer muscle problems. The stage utilizes a blend of customary mending and computer based intelligence drove dynamic stance investigation to tweak plans and track ceaseless advancement.

Established by Anshuman Pandey, Naman Maheshwari and Rohan Kumar, ChatNBX ( by is an overseen administration to construct generative simulated intelligence applications. The stage incorporates with endeavors’ cloud accounts as well as on-prem, facilitating industrially usable models for customized use-cases across ventures.


Established by Rahul Nainani and Gurashish Sahni, Recircle is a spotless tech startup which offers extensive start to finish tech-drove administrations for moral circularity in squander the board.