Five Reasons Bobby’s Drawings Makes the Perfect Gift

Five Reasons Bobby’s Drawings Makes the Perfect Gift

During this time, many of us are self-isolating in our homes and craving a sense of togetherness. While we can’t keep each other company physically at this time, there may be one way to change that. A U.S.-based drawing service called Bobby’s drawings combines separate photos into a hand-drawn portrait so people can be together in a drawing.

Bobby says that while it may not make up for being apart, it certainly puts a smile on people’s faces.

Before compiling the list below, we reached out to Bobby’s Drawings and asked him what makes his drawings so special. Bobby said he’s selling much more than just ink and paper. He’s giving people a reason to smile. You can request to be drawn with anyone or anything: family members, pets, your car or even Jesus — a surprisingly popular request.

Bobby, whose business is borne of a passion for art, decided to start his drawing service to “bring together the people you love”

Are you wondering if you should purchase a portrait from Bobby?

Here are the top 5 reasons to get yourself a custom portrait from Bobby’s Drawings

  1. It’s completely unique. Bobby’s Drawings offers custom, made to order, family portraits. Each one is drawn by hand by one of the artists in Bobby’s workshops. Because each order is completely custom, the sky’s the limit in terms of what can be customized. You can order grandpa a portrait of himself with his favourite baseball player, or your daughter a drawing of her with all her favourite dolls. You can even get a family portrait done with Jesus included. Choices include black and white and a variety of colour options, including vivid bights or cartoon style.
  2. It makes a really cute gift. Because each one is personalized to the recipient, Bobby’s drawings make beautiful, thoughtful gifts. Your loved ones will be thrilled you took the time to commission a gorgeous, hand-drawn portrait of them surrounded by their friends and family. Each portrait is drawn on high-quality card stock, ideal for framing. And unlike flowers or chocolates, Bobby’s Drawings portraits last forever!
  3. You can include your pets! For many of us, our furry friends have a special place in our hearts and homes. Bobby’s Drawings is proud to be able to draw not just the human members of our families, but also our beloved pets! Bobby’s Drawings gives you the unique opportunity to immortalize your animal friends by bringing them to life with ink and paper. If you want, you can order a “family portrait” consisting solely of all your pets! This is also a great option to have a portrait drawn up of all the animals who’ve been a part of your family over the years but didn’t necessarily get to meet while they were alive. Pet portraits are also a great gift idea! Take the opportunity to surprise your friend or family member with a gorgeous hand-drawn portrait of her beloved dog, cat, lizard or bird.
  4. They make great family heirlooms. Family photos are often among our most treasured possessions. When it’s not possible to be together physically to get that special family photo, this is the next best thing. It’s an ideal option to have a family portrait drawn up of grandparents and grandchildren who never got to meet each other in real life, or immortalize pets that have passed on. Having a family portrait drawn up of loved ones who were never able to meet in real life can bring a sense of comfort and joy to those who knew and loved them, while immortalizing them on paper for generations to come.
  5. You can do it while social distancing! The ordering process is done completely online through their website, Bobby’s Drawings. Simply select the style that speaks to you, choose the colour scheme, email them the photos of the family members you’d like included together, and voila! Within three weeks or less, your bespoke family portrait will arrive in the mail, ready to be treasured. Bonus points for supporting artists during COVID 19 while also buying a unique piece of art that’ll be treasured for generations.

For more information and regular updates about Bobby’s Drawings, you can also follow them on Facebook in the U.S.