Foodie Turns his Passion into a Career: Tim Cheung Professional Food Photographer

Foodie Turns his Passion into a Career: Tim Cheung Professional Food Photographer

Is there something you are so passionate about that you could turn it into your career? There always is that one thing you love to do, and you could spend your entire life doing it without getting bored. Some find it in finances. Others in acting or writing. There are a few who are passionate about food. Among this last group, there are those lucky enough to become food bloggers and professional food photographers. Tim Cheung, a Bay Area foodie, is one of them.

When he first started five years ago, Cheung was doing it as a hobby with the camera on his phone. He was on his way to becoming a computer scientist when he realized there was a stronger affinity with food blogging. After this realization, Tim knew he had to use his passion to set his career path based on his digital marketing and social media marketing experience.

What inspired him to follow this path? “Some of my inspirations,” says Cheung, “are Mikey Chen, Matt Stonie, and Mark Wiens.” These food bloggers motivated him to start his own journey through the very captivating manner in which they talked and interacted with food. He moved on to captivate his own audience through his Instagram account with photos and videos of the tastiest new food hypes.

But this foodie’s passion is not just about food. He is extremely passionate about encouraging people to try different ethnic foods they would not have tried before seeing his work. While doing this, he sheds light on all the hidden minority-owned and mom and pop restaurants that are being overlooked in the Bay Area. One of his main goals has always been to get the word out on the amazing local food scene not many are talking about.

According to his experience, food blogging is something people can easily start, but it is important to be consistent. Cheung explains, “the best way to be consistent is to constantly find ways to make this hobby fun for yourself. I have met a lot of people that have eventually given up because they started seeing food blogging like a chore.” That is why he recommends becoming friends with people who are as passionate as you are about food blogging. It also helps to have a group of people to motivate you and, most importantly, he says, “food also tastes better when it is shared!”

This journey of passion and work has led the Bay Area foodie to work as a professional food photographer for some of the top San Francisco restaurants. Not only does he taste and photograph food for his social media, he gets paid to take pictures of deliciously well-known meals. Isn’t he lucky?

Tim Cheung is the perfect example of what it looks like to hold on to your passions and transform them into a profitable activity. For over five years, he has dedicated his time to exploring the trendiest food spots in the Bay Area and photographing them for his blog. What can be learned from him is to work hard and always follow your dreams. If you are wondering whether you should make a living out of your passion, this is the sign to do so.