Ford will include the Tesla plug to its electric vehicles in an amazing move

Ford will include the Tesla plug to its electric vehicles in an amazing move

Tesla and Ford reported a partnership to onboard the latter’s electric vehicles on the previous’ Supercharger network. Ford will add the Tesla plug, presently known as the North American Charging Standard (NACS), to its electric vehicles.

We agreed that Tesla’s plug was a much superior design than the current CCS standard, but when Tesla announced last year that it was opening up its proprietary charging connector to try to make it the industry standard in North America, we thought it might be too little, too late.

However, it appears that we were wrong, as Tesla recently acquired a significant partner: Ford.

Today, Ford declared that it partnered with Tesla for Ford EV owners to have better access to the Supercharger network.

Tesla was at that point opening up the organization to non-Tesla electric vehicles through an adapter that is being deployed at Superchargers. It is restricting the kickoff of the organization to stations being sent with this adapter called “Magic Dock”.

In the present declaration, Ford said that its EV owners will have access to the full Tesla Supercharger network through an adapter that will be made accessible directly to the Ford EV owners.

However, the most significant development is Ford’s intention to directly incorporate Tesla’s connector, now known as NACS, into its upcoming electric vehicles.

This starts giving Tesla validity in making its connector the norm in North America and could compel the hand of different automakers.

Ford said that one of the main reasons to work with Tesla to make it easier for EV owners to use the network is because Tesla’s Supercharger network is more reliable than the competition.