Former Apple Employees Formed A Firm That Focuses on Safeguarding IOS Devices

Former Apple Employees Formed A Firm That Focuses on Safeguarding IOS Devices

Former Workers at Apple Joined a new company that specializes in protecting iOS devices.

After working for the business as cybersecurity researchers, two former Apple employees are starting their own venture. The DoubleYou firm is dedicated to assisting those who develop cybersecurity products in safeguarding Macs and iOS devices.

A new security business called DoubleYou was established by former Apple researchers.

Mikhail Sosonkin and Patrick Wardle created the company. Before going out on his own as an independent security researcher with a focus on macOS, Wardle worked at the US National Security Agency from 2006 to 2008. Conversely, Sosonkin served on Apple’s security team from 2019 to 2021.

They have a great deal of experience with security on Apple platforms and regard themselves as “long time friends.” The researchers revealed in a TechCrunch interview that the idea to launch DoubleYou originated from their realization that there aren’t many security tools available for iOS and macOS. On the other hand, malevolent hackers are increasingly focusing on both platforms.

The DoubleYou team seeks to employ hacker tactics that are commonly used to attack Apple systems as defense mechanisms. The researchers claim to be working on a technique to monitor and stop irregularities in DNS traffic in addition to examining every macOS process to find and stop any unsafe code.

The founders of the firm also intend to develop tools for tracking and blocking malicious software, including ransomware and bitcoin miners. This can be made to function without the use of new technology. The first step, according to Sosonkin, is to genuinely take the tools at our disposal and position them appropriately.

The researchers intend to stay independent for the time being since they “just want to catch some malware,” even if they hope their firm will expand in the future.