Founders of startups should be aware of AI by 2024

Founders of startups should be aware of AI by 2024

The drama surrounding the OpenAI leadership has subsided, allowing business entrepreneurs using AI to return to creating the future. If that is you, it offers professional analysis, pointers on maximizing the use of AI tools, and tales that provide light on the direction AI is taking and how it will affect investors, founders, and the larger startup community.

A brief list of posts for AI founders that are focused on 2024 may be found here:

Startups need to provide AI value

A critique leveled at businesses claiming to be leaders in artificial intelligence is that they are only encasing the technology of others. Although not entirely novel, this type of platform risk is a useful mental model in the OpenAI era. A technology CEO explores how startups could create something more tenable in this article. and safe.

About platform risk, startups are discovering the hard way that depending solely on OpenAI’s technology might backfire on them

OpenAI will eat up market share as it broadens the scope of its own product line, much as Apple removed a number of apps while increasing the native capabilities of iOS. Perhaps in order to avoid getting eaten, startups should construct far away from its edges.

How to raise money for an AI startup

Not every startup needs outside funding, yet we have recently had the opportunity to speak with a number of venture investors focused on artificial intelligence to hear their opinions on what entrepreneurs should and shouldn’t do in the present market. There’s always bootstrapping. even in the field of AI.

The turmoil at OpenAI will plant the seeds for the following wave of AI businesses

The conclusion of the OpenAI debacle is that there’s good reason to believe that the next great wave of startup founders is emerging; call it a mafia, or just a group of ex-colleagues, but there’s no denying that the OpenAI team is cohesive in a way that has us paying attention.