Four Songs of Sanjit Lucksman Which Never Deface from Everyone’s Hearts…

Four Songs of Sanjit Lucksman Which Never Deface from Everyone’s Hearts…

Sanjit Lucksman is one of the most versatile artists of new generation in the sub-continent and highly qualified professional with extensive experience as a music composer. He experimented his artistry in different genres that would most effectively evoke the desired responses. He’s been quite active on YouTube where he uploads his tracks on regular basis. He’s become a tribe’s name in a very short period of time. He wants to make people pleasant and entertain through his music obviously. So, here are some of his better songs which you should include in your playlist that you haven’t added them yet.

1. Kaatrey: This track is a flash of happiest memories in everyone’s love and it’s all about the journey of love makes your life colorful. Spontaneously, who turned this song beautifully by composed music, mastered, mixed and added some fantasy mystery beats for this lovable Tamil album song by the best Tamil music composer Mr. Sanjit Lucksman who had awarded for the ‘Sri Lanka State Music Award for the best music composer apparently. Fortunately, he has got National Award for this Tamil album song as Best Music Composer in 2016. And also the way it has been quite mesmerizing in everyone’s hearts beautifully.

2. Meera: Apparently, following another award winning song also composed by Sanjit Lucksman amazingly and sung by Nirushka Paiva for which she also had won Sri Lanka State Award for the best female singer in 2016. This song manifests, a girl who had lost her love life and that couldn’t be forgotten and also the girl still longing for her love and sing a song herself and hopes that her love will come back again patiently. And also it’s really got everyone’s thoughts everlastingly.

3. “Othayadi Pathayila “ Anirudh Cover Song: This is the most melodious thing you’ll see on the internet today. An evergreen composition covered by Sanjit and he had done full of justice to this track. The original song is sung by Anirudh Ravichander and the lyrics are written by Arunraja Kamaraj. This is truly amazing mix that we have ever heard. So glad that there are people out there who appreciate the raw talent in music perfectly.

4.”Kanave Kanave” Anirudh Mashup: Yes…! His vocal creates a sensation and they are powerful. So, Sanjit’s another amazing mash-up done by him in which he covered twin songs called as ‘Kanave Kanave’ and ‘Kannazhaga’. These two sadistic songs are the same genre but with different flavor. And also greatest sad love songs make you cry. These sadistic hits was hardest mix to make so far. Apparently, these songs represent about sadness that revolves around our lives without any reason or ambition. If it is still there, it will be there forever.