Fox News attracts 7.1 million watchers on the third night of RNC, dominating the competition

Fox News attracts 7.1 million watchers on the third night of RNC, dominating the competition

Fox News Channel averaged 7.1 million watchers during the 10 p.m. ET hour on night three of the Republican National Convention Wednesday, while no other network broke the 2,000,000 watcher level.

The viewership for Fox News’ coverage – hosted by Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum – bested that of ABC, NBC and CBS combined.CNN averaged 1.55 million watchers from 10-11 p.m. ET, while MSNBC agreed to 1.46 million. Both liberal networks were topped by their broadcast competitors, as NBC averaged 1.96 million watchers, ABC averaged 1.89 million and CBS got 1.78 million watchers. Fox News completed the night with 45 percent of the market share of RNC watchers.

Generally 15.8 million individuals tuned in over the six networks, contrasted with 22.8 million watchers for day three of a week ago’s Democratic National Convention. While the RNC’s overall viewing numbers failed to top those of the DNC, Fox News’ coverage of the RNC’s third night outdrew the third night of a week ago’s DNC on both CNN and MSNBC.

Coverage of Tuesday night’s show procedures pulled in about 8,000,000 watchers on Fox News alone. Between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET Tuesday, Fox News averaged 7.2 million watchers, which made for the channel’s most-watched Tuesday ever and helped “Hannity” land its greatest crowd ever.

President Trump, who is broadly passionate about ratings, is probably trusting his Thursday night speech attracts a group of people like the one his significant other got. Tuesday was additionally the second most-watched convention night on one network in cable news history, following just the final night of the 2008 RNC on Fox News.

While RNC viewership is down from past years on different networks, Fox News watchers have been stuck to the coverage. FNC had the most-watched opening night coverage of any national party convention in the history of cable news when an astounding 7.1 million individuals tuned in on Monday.

All RNC ratings information courtesy of early Nielsen Media Research and does exclude streaming viewership.