‘Fresh Look’ and New Browser Features in the Latest Version of Google Chrome

‘Fresh Look’ and New Browser Features in the Latest Version of Google Chrome

In honour of Chrome’s 15th birthday this month, Google is releasing a number of improvements and a fresh design.

According to a blog post published by Google on Thursday, Chrome’s desktop interface is getting an update, which includes new theme and colour options for you to choose from. Updating the browser’s iconography is also happening, “with a focus on legibility.” Google claimed that the updated design is based on its Material You design language and connects better with other computer settings, allowing Chrome to adjust to your preferences for things like dark and bright mode.

To make it simpler to access tools and options like your extensions, Google Translate, and Google Password Manager, Google has also modified the Chrome menu.

With these adjustments, Google hopes to “continue to make it easy, quick, and safe to browse on Chrome,” according to Parisa Tabriz, vice president of Chrome.

Additionally, Google is overhauling its Chrome Web Store, which sells browser add-ons. The store will soon have a new interface and additional categories such “AI-powered extensions” and more personalized recommendations. Google has also expanded its Safety Check feature to Chrome extensions, which can now alert you if an extension you have is “recently unpublished, in violation of our policies, or potentially malicious,” according to the post.

Google also showcased a brand-new search function that displays a side panel of extra information, such as related searches and more details about the source of a website. Additionally, the business bragged about the growth of its new AI-powered search, called Search Generative Experience, or SGE. SGE is an option that US citizens have in Google’s Search Labs.

Finally, Google announced that Safe Browsing in Chrome is being upgraded. As opposed to previously, it will now scan websites against Google’s list of known dangerous websites every 30 to 60 minutes. Google stated that it expects to see increased protection against malware and phishing threats by “shortening the time between identification and prevention of threats.”

Along with a new Android logo, updated Google Maps colours, and more new capabilities for the mobile Chrome app, Google recently released a number of upgrades, including the Chrome changes. These solutions can help you save money if you want to add a new extension to your browser.