From 3-Figures to 6-Figures in One Year With Zoe Abbott

From 3-Figures to 6-Figures in One Year With Zoe Abbott

“Six-figure income” is one of the latest buzz phrases and a status symbol of choice. Every entrepreneur is on the run to hit the $100,000 income mark. But truth be told, it is not always an easy task. This article features the story of Zoe Abbott, a young mom who moved her income from 5-figures to 6-figures in under a year.

Zoe Abbott At A Glance

Zoe Abbott works in the financial services industry. She is an entrepreneur and mentor who helps people feel happy about their finances. She has helped others start their own businesses and mentored them towards six figures and beyond.

Zoe’s goal is to train 1,000 new Financial Services Agents and, through that, assist 100,000 families. She feels it is her duty and purpose to help people succeed, something that truly inspires her. Zoe and her team of agents work one-on-one with individuals and families to get them financially stable, secure, and happy about their finances while creating stability through life insurance. Zoe also mentors individuals on being a Financial Service Consultant and starting their own Financial Services companies.

What made Zoe scale so fast to achieve the six-figure mark?

  1. Persistence & Hard Work

Success doesn’t just happen; you create it. It needs a constant taking of actions for you to be successful. Zoe always finds out what can be done about a situation, no matter how small. She then gradually increases her actions and habits. Also, Zoe has a solid determination to always improve. She works hard while monitoring her progress upwards at all times. If she ever notices a stall or a successful pattern has dropped out, she immediately improves it.

  • Make A Decision

Life is full of decisions, but it takes that one decision to start. When Zoe had a baby, she decided to transition from her ten-year non-profit position and start her career. She had neither money nor experience to start. Her first office was actually in her grandmother’s living room where she would meet with clients. Surprisingly, that did not stop her from making $100,000 in her first year. She has doubled her income every year since. Therefore, if you want to be successful, sometimes you have to take a bold move and make decisions that may surprise you.

  • Find A Mentor Or Coach

Having a mentor or coach comes with many benefits. They will encourage and empower you in your personal development journey. It will also help you in identifying and achieving your career goals. Additionally, it will help you identify and correct gaps in generic skills and knowledge. A coach will also increase your confidence. Once you find one like Zoe Abbott, be 100% coachable and do whatever it takes to make it. Coaches will help you maintain a positive mindset and motivate you to achieve success.

  • Believe In Yourself

Lastly, you can never scale unless you believe in yourself. Believe in your capabilities, stay disciplined, and stay true to your goals.

You can connect with Zoe on Instagram or click here for more information.