Gaurav Manoj Singh: Don’t let their opinion be a hindrance to your goal

Gaurav Manoj Singh: Don’t let their opinion be a hindrance to your goal

Have you ever met one of those pessimistic people who try to impose their opinion on you? Yes, you will find these souls in every situation and all the stages of your life. And Gaurav Manoj Singh advised maintaining a safe distance from this niche.

While there’s a horde of people who settle for the run-of-the-mill lifestyle, Gaurav Manoj Singh is following his dreams. And we all know what society says about the people who are trying to be outstanding. They subtly try to compel their thoughts, which is nothing but utterly demotivating. If you ask Gaurav Singh, he would say, “Don’t let their opinion be a hindrance to your goal.”

The influencer moved to Poland from Mumbai to earn his degree and accomplish his life goal. Living and studying abroad isn’t easy! Do you think he could have made it this far if Gaurav had heeded such opinions? If he listened to people who said social media influencers are not good… Don’t you think we would have never met a great lifestyle influencer? This is why Gaurav Manoj Singh says, “It’s important to follow your heart, build your own way and avoid the unnecessary viewpoints from people who have no experience in your field.”

Adding further, Gaurav says, “Many people who consider others’ opinions usually get beaten by their own ideas. Therefore, it’s necessary to surround yourself with positive people who will assist you to achieve your goals and not put you in two minds.”

Gaurav Manoj Singh is popular on social media. Don’t we all know that with support, the influencers are also bathed in hate comments? And Gaurav’s social life is no different. Addressing how he deals with this hatred, he said, “Ignorance is bliss. These three words are more than just a social media caption or an Instagram bio. Avoid people whose presence costs you bad mental health.”