Gerow Hair Ink Ensures Social Distancing And Safety Norms To Run Smooth Operations

Gerow Hair Ink Ensures Social Distancing And Safety Norms To Run Smooth Operations

Gerow Hair Ink is a company that specializes in scalp micro-pigmentation or SMP. It is one of those names that has proven its mettle in New York City. While the pandemic might have dimmed its light, it was far from extinguished. And now, with businesses getting ready to open their shutters once again, Gerow Hair has initiated social distancing and stringent safety norms to tackle the change with the proper care and caution that New Yorkers have come to expect from their most loved companies. 

Gerow Hair Ink is the brainchild of Jonathan Gerow, who joined forces with former college mate and New York’s master barber Erik Roberto to start the company. To continue functioning under the shadow of the pandemic, Gerow Hair Ink has created a series of procedures that their employees must follow at all costs. 

At Gerow Hair Ink, every employee is supposed to sanitize their hands before entering the salon. They are also required to wear white overalls and cover their face with high-quality masks. During discussions with clients and each other, they must maintain a distance of 6-feet and wear clinical gloves at all times. These rules may seem easy at first but can become challenging on a day to day basis. However, with the footfall yet to come anyway near the old number, Gerow Hair Ink’s staff leaves no stone unturned in following every safety protocol, as a symbol of their concern for their customers.

To deal with the customer side of affairs, Gerow Hair Ink has started to maintain a log with their customers’ names and contact details. They also encourage their customers to inform them in case they test positive two-days before or two-days after they visit the salon. These measures have been put in place to enable contact-tracing. Clients are also encouraged to book discussions online to reduce the time they spend at the salon.

The present times are challenging, but with the right conduct and the right amount of caution, this too can be overcome.