Get To Know Fatima Camacho with these 12 Fun Facts

Get To Know Fatima Camacho with these 12 Fun Facts

Fatima Camacho is an actress fresh out of the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles who is already making a big impact in the world of entertainment. From stage to the silver screen Fatima Camacho is Hollywood’s latest Latina leading.

Here are 12 fun facts you (most likely) didn’t know about Fatima.

1. My favorite food is Italian. I love pasta so much! 

2. I have danced since I was a little girl, and it is kind of my safe space.

3. I love doing special effects makeup.

4. My star sign is Taurus – and I am like it because I’m a very grounded person, practical, and I like beautiful things in life, though I can be very stubborn.

5. I have a cat named Charlie in Los Angeles, but in Argentina I have three dogs and three cats that I love and miss so much.

6. I do yoga almost every morning and I meditate too. I love working out.

7. Loud noises make me nervous because I think I have a sensitivity to them; I just don’t like them.

8. I love being out in nature and connecting with my environment.

9. I’m very stretchy and I can lick my elbow.

10. I used to play field hockey.

11. I speak fluent Spanish, that’s different to speaking Argentinian.

12. I have an older brother. He is older than me by 5 years and he was my role model as a kid.

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