Get to know Mehdi Al-Naseri, an Iranian presenter, poet and producer

Get to know Mehdi Al-Naseri, an Iranian presenter, poet and producer

Mehdi Vadipour, known as Mehdi Al-Naseri, born in Iran (Sush) on 8/28/1989) is a talented and skilled poet, performer and producer who published his first book of poetry called “Ahl al-Hab Masakin” in his youth in 2014. 

 He has a great interest in poetry and literature and cultural and artistic activities of his country. Love for the land of his fathers and ancestors has permeated his entire being.  And because of his rare talent and ability, this love has been shown well in all his works.

 In order to immortalize the poetry and literature of the Ahwazi Arab people, he held the festival “Al-Naqqah Al-Ahwaziyah in Al-Qasidah and Abu Diyeh” for three consecutive years in the city of Shush, which was well received by the literary friends of this region.

 Mehdi Naseri has various gifts and abilities and was able to run unique programs on social networks and expose the intellectual, artistic and sports efforts of his colleagues to everyone.  (Tonin Andishehha) pointed out that for three years, he conducted interesting interviews with prominent cultural, artistic and sports personalities of Ahvazi, which made this unique program double its fame.

 In addition to the “Hundred of Thoughts” program (Resonance of Thoughts), the program “Hanak Shaher” in two periods and the competition program “The Poet of Ahvaz” are among his honors.

 This poet took advantage of his stay in Iraq when he married an Iraqi woman and made him familiar with Iraqi poets and artists. His appearance on Iraqi television channels is successful, as well as his participation in international poetry competitions in Iran and  Iraq made him a professional poet in such a way that he won the first place in the “Ode of Rasul al-Rahma” competition that took place in Iran with the participation of several countries.