Get your nutrition up! Tips from Charanjit Singh Sehmbi

Get your nutrition up! Tips from Charanjit Singh Sehmbi

The buzzword for the current generation is “eat healthy and nutritious”.

But what exactly is nutritious? And how exactly you make sure to achieve proper nutrition?

It all comes down to what you eat and how do you maintain the proper diet.

Charanjit Singh Sehmbi is a health and fitness expert who is known widely from his expertise on weight loss and health related issues. He has given many interviews and written many blogs on it. He is also known widely on social media and often interacts with people to resolve their nutrition and fitness related queries. He is actively involved in spreading awareness on nutrition and weight loss and how these things can be managed while having regular life style.

Charanjit Singh Sehmbi describe following important points to maintain nutrition in body-

  • Avoid fast foods at all cost. Fast foods are empty calories which not only cause sugar imbalance but also lead to vitamin deficiencies.
  • Remember to eat green. Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins and mineral. It should be part of any diet.
  • Proteins are essential. Regular indian diet often lacks in protein, so it is essential we have milk, pulses, curd and other protein sources.
  • FIbers are important and whole grains are very good source of it.
  • You can take a food supplements to compensate for the nutrition that you might not be getting in your regular diet. Food supplements are natural organic compound which are rich in mineral, vitamins and other essential compounds which can be added to your regular diet. These are safe and globally recognized for their effectiveness.
  • Timing if food is important. Although you are taking your daily requirement of nutrition, you still might not get entire benefit of it if you don’t have any routine for food. Standard breakfast – lunch- breakfast – dinner is very good and necessary to keep metabolism high.
  • Drink plenty of liquid. Drinking water is important as not only hydrated body will have better metabolism but also you will be more active. Fruit juices makes up very nice morning breakfast additive.

Charanjit Singh Sehmbi believes you are what you eat. Your entire personality is the result of what your routine is and if you eat properly you can come out better. A proper diet can change your personality for good and prolong your life.

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“Eat healthy and Nutritious”