Giorgi Danelia grown up in a middle class family and has today made a big name on social media with his amazing  skills

Giorgi Danelia grown up in a middle class family and has today made a big name on social media with his amazing skills

Giorgi Danelia grew up in a family with six kids and Due to the limited resources as a kid He din’t have a luxury to have many different hobbies. But as soon as He moved out to the capital He started building up his own career and always found the time to learn new sports and activities to bring joy to his everyday life. That’s how He found hiself obsessed with downhill bikes,snowboarding, cars, different gadgets and traveling.
Later he started his vlog channel in the year 2018 and quickly gained followers in recent years due to his viral videos where he shares quality tech content, reviews, social experiments, funny challenges, impressive aerial shots, and collaborative content with other Influencers and TV personalities.
Giorgi Danelia strongly believes in seeking new experiences and adventures as he challenges himself to get out of his comfort zone and share his amazing stories to the people who support His channel. He’s always aware of his responsibilities and no matter what He tries to not harm anyone else in his favor. Most importantly to his work which is based on positive energy and an enthusiasm.
As of February 2021, His main channel had accumulated 165K subscribers and 45 Million views, while His second Youtube channel Giorgi Danelia Too had accumulated 120K Subscribers and 127 Million views As his content was liked by many people and was all over social media He is also known for being the leader of the popular Georgian YouTube ensemble GD Squad (73k Subs + 13.5M Views), which features local social media personalities.
With over 123K followers on Instagram, he and his star family – wife Teona Chachua, who is a beauty influencer with over 138K followers, share everyday life events, entertaining challenges and pictures of our adorable daughter Keira on Instagram.
Beyond internet entertainment He is one of few experienced Licensed drone pilot and a CEO of COPTER – a full video production company and a Drone Retailer.
It has absolutely not been easy for him to acheive these massive success he has definitely given all his time and efforts as to stand where he is today being a youtuber on social media it is not easy to face hate and positive comments at the same time because there will always be people he will not lime your content and try to put you dwn in any possible way they could and Giorgi has adopted the concept of focusing on tge good and letting negativity go away which is why he focused on his positive parts and proved himself right we wish this multitalented man a great future.