Google emphasizes that Pixel 6 will have UWB as it attempts to extend support in Android 13

Google emphasizes that Pixel 6 will have UWB as it attempts to extend support in Android 13

The Pixel 6 series will be the organization’s most aggressive flagship to date, and it truly appears as though Google isn’t keeping down with regards to different specs. Following some past rumbles earlier this year, Google has once again emphasized that the Pixel 6 series will have UWB, however work is as yet being done to extend the feature for different gadgets to handily utilize it.

UWB — ultra wideband — is a radio that permits cell phones to more readily connect with neighboring gadgets utilizing a similar tech. While the technology has been around for some time, it didn’t get on in cell phones up to this point, most prominently on Apple’s AirTag and iPhone 12 series and some new Samsung flagships and the Galaxy SmartTag+.

As referenced, it was hinted to recently that Google would including UWB for its Pixel 6, explicitly on “Raven,” the gadget we’ve presently come to know as the Pixel 6 Pro. In a new comment to AOSP, Google reiterates that help and offers a bit more setting.

In this most recent comment, Google specifies UWB concerning the Pixel, saying that the “Pixel specific UWB HAL from Android S” ought to be renamed to keep away from clashes with “Android T.” Translating that into straightforward English, Google is chipping away at a “hardware abstraction layer” for UWB on a Pixel cell phone that will work while the phone is running Android 12. In the mean time, our agreement is that work is likewise being done on bringing more extensive UWB backing to Android 13. It seems this would be founded on the execution on Pixel 6, however with a more conventional equipment deliberation layer that would make it simpler for other Android phone creators to help UWB in their phones.

Google originally referenced adding a local API for UWB early in 2021, however the API is just for system apps and it isn’t clear as of now in case it was converged to Android 12 or pushed to Android 13.