Google Fi’s VPN service is carrying out to subscribers with iPhones

This previous February, Google reported it intended to bring its Project Fi VPN service to iPhone gadgets at some point in the spring.

While the organization has barely missed its original timeline, it’s currently beginning to carry out the tool to Apple phones on its MVNO network, with widespread accessibility to follow at some point in the coming weeks.

As with other VPN services, the one from Google Fi permits you to surf the internet and utilize streaming applications over a private, encrypted connection.

In doing as such, it keeps websites from utilizing your IP address to track your location.

It’s a smart thought to utilize a VPN whenever you connect to an unsecured public network.

When you update to version 3.5 of the Fi companion app (and Google carries out the feature to your phone), you’ll discover the alternative to turn on the VPN under the Privacy and security menu.