Google Is Now Working On Auto-launch For Play Store Download

Google Is Now Working On Auto-launch For Play Store Download

One irritation with the Google Play Store is that it does not run apps automatically when they are loaded. Instead, you must locate the program in your library or wherever it appears on your home screen.

According to Android Authority, Google is finally working on a feature that will automatically open freshly installed apps from the Play Store.

Android Authority did an APK deconstruction of Google Play Store version 41.4.19. Features discovered during this breakdown revealed in-progress code that hinted at potential future features. However, there is no certainty that this upgrade will be released.

It appears that when App Auto Open is enabled, a notification will show. It will ring or vibrate your device, depending on how you have it set up. The feature also appears to be toggleable, but it appears to be enabled by default.

Android Authority claims that despite workarounds, they were unable to get the functionality work in their analysis. Instead, they discovered the code, but it is not yet live.

Unfortunately, this is a long-needed functionality, and it’s shocking that Google has yet to integrate it across all Android 15 devices.

App Auto Open, when combined with the supposed new Google Play Store notification, as reported by Android Police, would be a godsend. If an app is not launched within 24 hours of installation, the notification system will send a reminder to the user.

Assuming both functionalities are released, once an app is loaded on your Android smartphone, you may be prompted to launch it or reminded that you forgot to do so. It might potentially be paired with the recently introduced feature that allows for simultaneous downloading.