Google issues cautioning for many Chrome clients

Google issues cautioning for many Chrome clients

Google is making several smart changes to Chrome, both regarding sharp new features and fundamental code changes. Be that as it may, presently Google has given a new warning about the world’s most popular browser.

Gotten by magnificent insightful tech site PiunikaWeb, Google has affirmed that Google Chrome is experiencing serious graphical glitches on macOS with a large number of the web’s most well-known sites declining to render. The defect is spectacular with graphics shattering into a mass of horizontal blue lines at the same time, justifiably, numerous clients are irate.

“Started seeing these strange gradient lines across the screen in Google Chrome, but they often don’t go beyond the fold of a website. The mouse is above the lines and they don’t take up the whole screen, making me think it is a software issue. I am using an external display, but the result is the same on my almost 4-month-old 16″ MacBook. Safari is not showing the lines” – source

“Same issue here, this is annoying…” source

“Some screws were left loose lol not fully built or something about it isn’t able to be read by the Macbooks? Anyone find out specifics? I would love to learn the official why and fix behind this” – source

“Chiming in on [Chrome] Build 81.0.4044.92 with the same issue. I literally cannot use some Gsuite features as they will trigger the issue.” – source

“Chromium-based apps occasionally shatter (render blue noise) on macOS Catalina… it does not seem to be WebKit in general, since Safari is not affected by that. Is it a known issue? Closing and reopening Chrome does not help. I need to restart the computer.” – source

“So when this happens, I’ve been rebooting to fix it, and this is obviously an unacceptable solution.” – source

Reports of this issue have been spreading across Google and Apple Support forums (1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and so forth) and the commonalities appear to be that influenced clients are running the most recent version of macOS with 16-inch MacBook Pros disproportionately affected. Accordingly, Google engineers have likewise affirmed the issue, yet they report that the issue lies with Apple and macOS as opposed to the Chrome group.

Meanwhile, clients have discovered a temporary workaround by debilitating hardware acceleration in Chrome – however, this will affect execution.