Google Maps May Eventually Enable You Co-navigate With Numerous Drivers

Google Maps May Eventually Enable You Co-navigate With Numerous Drivers

Google Maps is unquestionably one of Google’s most popular services. Google Maps, like its other famous products, continues to improve the user experience by adding new features on a regular basis. The company is apparently working on a new feature that will make driving on a family vacation much less stressful.

According to a new patent, Google Maps will soon allow users to co-navigate with numerous cars in real time. The new functionality will make it much easier for multiple people to meet up at a single spot and navigate together.

Igilta and David Kowalski (xleaks7 on X) discovered patent filings for a new Google Maps function. The document describes a new Google Maps feature that will make it easier for several drivers to go to the same location. This capability will undoubtedly be useful in cases where people are meeting in a common spot after traveling from different places.

Individuals or single vehicles can currently navigate Google Maps with relative ease. After all, this is how the service was designed to be utilized. However, if you are driving in a group, with distinct vehicles arriving from different locations, navigation gets slightly more complicated. The patent-protected feature, on the other hand, will enable you and your pals to navigate multiple cars with ease.

The patent’s specifications hint that Google Maps will soon receive a slew of new co-navigation features. These are supposed to revolutionize group transportation via road. The new features will detect circumstances in which numerous members in your group are traveling to the same location. The system will co-navigate all of the group’s users by delivering notifications, sharing the whereabouts of other vehicles, and so on.

While co-navigating, Google Maps will offer meeting points where many vehicles’ itineraries can intersect. It will also send users information regarding current traffic and road conditions. These will be chosen by the leading vehicle. If a car takes a detour, everyone else in the group will be told. If that isn’t enough, once at your location, the system will assist you with parking.

It’s worth noting that the aforementioned Google Maps feature is now a patent. As a result, no one knows when Google intends to implement this functionality.