Google Photos For The Web Receives A Material 3 Update

Google Photos For The Web Receives A Material 3 Update

Material 3 is steadily making its way into Google’s first-party web products, with Photos being the most recent example.

Similar to previous Material 3 web implementations, the basic Google Photos gallery is now placed in an internal container with a white background and rounded borders.

Everything else, including the navigation drawer, which features a new tab indicator, and the search bar, is set against a very light blue background that occasionally borders gray. As always, there is no Dynamic Color, with some early speculation on how Google may sync themes from mobile. That, or something more simple, like as an app or account-level theme selector, has yet to appear.

The search field is pill-shaped, but the confines are hardly visible because it is only slightly darker than the background. There are no changes to functionality in this update.

This is not a huge Material You update, but it is a welcome modernizing and a step toward desktop/mobile (particularly on tablets) consistency. Google Photos joins Gmail, Drive, and Docs.