Google Play Store To Facilitate The Viewing Of App Ratings Across Several Devices

Google Play Store To Facilitate The Viewing Of App Ratings Across Several Devices

Google recently announced a number of modifications to the Play Store. At the moment, the Play Store highlights various devices, such as tablets and Chromebooks, with specialized icons that display app ratings for various apps available on the app market.

Tapping on the designated buttons displays ratings for various devices. It appears, though, that Google is about to release a new update that will make it easier to view app ratings across several devices.

The latest APK Teardown post (via Android Authority) reports that AssembleDebug, a code sleuth, has discovered a new function for app ratings. The Google Play Store app version 41.7.16-31, which displays app ratings based on various form factors, has the new feature.

At the moment, the Play Store displays app ratings according to a device when you tap on the corresponding icon, such as a phone, tablet, Chromebook, etc. However, the most recent Play Store beta version has a new feature that shows the app ratings next to the device buttons. This indicates that viewing the ratings for a certain gadget is now possible without having to tap on the buttons or chips of the item.

Although this may not seem like much, it is a useful adjustment that spares the user a few taps and a few seconds. You can tap on a different device to see the app rating for it, and the ratings are located next to the device chip. Please be aware that a beta version of the Play Store app has this feature. indicating that not every user has access to this.

Also, an APK Teardown revealed the feature. It remains unclear, therefore, if Google will continue to offer this service. Google might decide to leave the modification in place.