Google Streamlines The Process Of Removing Accounts From Contact Apps

Google Streamlines The Process Of Removing Accounts From Contact Apps

Google is working on a feature that would make it simpler for users to remove linked Google accounts in its Contact app. Additionally, in an effort to make certain options more accessible, the company is evaluating modifications to the contact page’s user interface (UI).

This function is anticipated to be made available to the general public shortly, according to the findings of the APK code analysis, which aids in forecasting features that might be added in the future. Remember, though, that not every feature that is anticipated will be released.

With the most recent version of Google Contacts 4.35, tapping the profile image in the upper right corner of the screen will open the account’s settings menu, where you may find a new option to use Google Contacts without an account. If this option is chosen, the user will be able to unsynchronize contacts and erase synced contacts from the device.

Users can restore the synchronized contact to their device by adding their Google account back into the app. The synchronized contact will remain accessible on their previously connected Google account.

Although stopping Google Contacts synchronization through Google account settings now yields the same result, it is not a simple process and does not select a Google account from within the Contact app. For those who choose to utilize the Contacts app without syncing contacts from their Google account, this new setting should simplify the process.

Additionally, the contact page is undergoing UI modifications that will make it simpler for users to move options to the bottom of the page, such as sharing contacts, transferring them to other accounts, adding them to the home screen, and uninstalling them. It is anticipated that this modification will enhance the user’s experience by simplifying the access to frequently used options.

These updates are a part of Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance the Contact app’s usefulness and usability, which are essential for users to effectively manage and communicate with their contacts.