Google to close down Android Things, a smart home OS that never took off

Google to close down Android Things, a smart home OS that never took off

Google intends to close down Android Things, a stripped-down version of Android intended for smart home gadgets. The OS never truly got off the ground, so this isn’t too a very remarkable misfortune, however it is one more section in Google’s extensive memorial park of shut-down projects.

The smart home project got its beginning in 2015 under the name Brillo, which was intended to give the “underlying operating system for the internet of things.” In 2016, Google patched up Brillo and relaunched the activity as Android Things, which was in like manner intended to run on products like associated speakers, security cameras, and routers. By depending on Android, the OS should be familiar to designers and simple to begin with.

At that point nothing occurred. In 2018, some initial smart speakers and smart displays came out utilizing the basic OS. It appears to be no different organizations were intrigued, in light of the fact that in February 2019, Google reported it was “refocusing” Android Things to provide food explicitly to brilliant speakers and smart displays.

Almost two years after the fact, and Android Things is presently on target to be closed down. The Android Things Console, which allows engineers to push updates to their gadgets, will quit accepting new non-commercial projects beginning January 5th, 2021. After a year, on January 5th, 2022, “the console will be turned down completely and all project data will be permanently deleted.” That basically implies engineers have a year to unwind any Android Things projects they as of now have set up.

It’s an offensive completion for a project that, more than five years, scarcely made a gouge in the landscape, especially as smart home gadgets blast in notoriety.