Google unveiled the latest logo for Android and a 3D robot

Google unveiled the latest logo for Android and a 3D robot

Google has revamped the Android mascot and logo, giving the robot a fresh 3D appearance.

The Android robot can be shown in a gif changing from its typical green colour to blue, yellow, and rainbow hues as well as donning a hard hat and being decked as a disco ball and even sporting hair.

Additionally, the bugdroid’s entire body has been rendered in 3D so that it “a versatile and reliable companion across channels, platforms and contexts,” Google said.

To resemble the Google design, “Android” in the logo now has a capital A and a rounder font.

The Lookout app for Android now has a new function that uses artificial intelligence to create extensive explanations of any photographs you open in the app, making it more accessible for those with limited vision or blindness.

Using AI, Google’s new Assistant at a Glance widget will provide information to you on your home screen “like high-precision weather alerts, dynamic travel updates, and upcoming event reminders,” according to a blog post published on Tuesday.

The following additional Android features have been declared:

You may store any form of ticket or pass with a barcode or QR code in your Google Wallet thanks to the Google Wallet Pass photo import feature.

Coming soon to Android Auto are Zoom and Cisco’s Webex.

Saying “Hey Google, good morning” will bring up a summary of your previous night’s sleeping patterns.

This autumn, Android 14 is scheduled for release. Here’s how to download the Android 14 beta and all the major changes that were unveiled at Google I/O in May.

On October 4, Google will also introduce the Pixel 8, their newest smartphone.