Google Voice currently has Gmail-like custom guidelines for sending and voicemail

Google Voice currently has Gmail-like custom guidelines for sending and voicemail

Google Voice has been around for over a decade, permitting anybody (in specific countries) to call and text traditional phone numbers from a site or cell phone application. It’s additionally involved by many organizations and associations as VoIP foundation, and presently Google is carrying out a convenient new element for both customary individuals and organizations: progressed custom principles for approaching calls.

Google wrote in its declaration, “within the Google Voice settings, you can [now] easily create rules for how incoming calls should be handled. These options allow you to route incoming calls in ways that are most efficient to your workflows and productivity, including granular settings for specific contacts.” Once you select a contact or group of contacts (unknown callers are additionally an option), you can forward calls from them to an alternate number or voicemail, screen all calls from them, as well as set custom voicemail greetings.

At the end of the day, Google is presently giving something looking like Gmail filters to Google Voice, however with less options. For example, there’s no ability (yet) to filter text messages and voicemails dependent on the content. The phone numbers in your principles additionally must be remembered for a contact in your Google Contacts, so to filter added there, you’ll need to do a couple of additional means.

All things considered, the new usefulness is noteworthy, and it would be incredible to see this degree of granular sifting accessible in more VoIP and cell services.

Google says that custom principles are off by default, yet they can be set up at The functionality ought to likewise be live for everybody as of now — no slow rollout on this one!