Google’s Latest AI Model, LearnLM, Is Centered On Education

Google’s Latest AI Model, LearnLM, Is Centered On Education

LearnLM, Google’s newest AI model, is supposed to assist students with their homework.

LearnLM is a family of AI models that was developed to be an expert in subjects, identify and give examples in various formats, such as a photo or video, guide students through their studies, and, according to Google, “inspire engagement.” LearnLM is based on Google’s other big language mode, Gemini.

Google has already included LearnLM into its lineup of products, combining it with YouTube, Android, Google Search, and the Gemini chatbot. Customers can utilize Circle to Search on Android, for instance, to highlight a word problem in math or physics, and LearnLM will assist in providing an answer. When watching a lecture video on YouTube, users can ask questions and the model will answer with an explanation.

One of the metrics used to assess LLM performance is the capacity to answer math questions with a fair degree of reliability. One such model is Microsoft’s Orca-Math AI model. Google claimed that Gemini outperformed GPT-4 on the math benchmark.

According to Google, LearnLM was particularly “tuned” to only react and identify solutions based on pedagogical research. Put otherwise, LearnLM cannot assist someone with travel or restaurant planning.

In order to help teachers use LearnLM to streamline lesson planning, Google says it is collaborating with them on a new pilot initiative on Google Classroom. The business is also testing a platform called Illuminate, which will convert academic papers into brief audio segments featuring voices produced by artificial intelligence. Hopefully, this will improve pupils’ comprehension of difficult material.

In order to give LearnLM feedback, Google also collaborated with Arizona State University, NYU Tisch, Khan Academy, and Columbia’s Teachers College.