Granblue Fantasy Uma Musume collaboration event coming in 2022

Granblue Fantasy Uma Musume collaboration event coming in 2022

Cygames reported an upcoming collaboration between Granblue Fantasy and Uma Musume: Pretty Derby. The original cast from the Uma Musume game and anime will repeat their roles in Granblue Fantasy. The collaboration event will launch in February 2022. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Like in past Granblue Fantasy collaboration events, you will get the opportunity to acquire two Uma Musume units free of charge, regardless of whether through the story or with event currency. Special Week, Silence Suzuka, and Tokai Teio will show up as a single playable unit. This is like how Hijikata and Okita from the Gintama collaboration worked. Gold Ship and Mejiro McQueen will show up all together.

For abroad players, this event will probably be their first proper look at the Uma Musume: Pretty Derby characters in a localized video game. In spite of its prosperity, Cygames has not yet limited or declared a confinement of the game. There is, notwithstanding, an anime version that covers the main story.

The uncover of the collaboration event came during Day 2 of Granblue Fantasy Fes 2021. Gold Ship, who is accountable for the Uma Musume YouTube channel, sprung up to report it.

Different declarations throughout the event incorporate a delivery window for Granblue Fantasy Relink, just as a secret for the principle story journey. The streams likewise included product uncovers, melodic exhibitions, and a think back on events or adjusts made over the direction of 2021.

Granblue Fantasy is promptly accessible worldwide on internet browsers and cell phones. The Granblue Fantasy and Uma Musume: Pretty Derby joint effort will go live in February 2022.