Guide on water heater installation services

Guide on water heater installation services

It is very difficult to move on without hot water during the winter months. Is your water heater has broken completely? Are you planning to have the water heater replaced with a new one? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. We provide you with detailed information about the water heater installation Columbus

Before going to purchase the new water heater for your place, there are many factors one has to take into account to have a long-lasting and efficient system. All-inclusive water heater installation cost, labor cost, and some major factors also have to be considered. Read ahead to know more about the water heater and its services.

When is it time for a replacement of the new water heater?             

It is time for your home to be installed with a new water heater if any of the following signs are noticed from the unit:

  • The basic function of the water heater is not fulfilled that is the unit is unable to heat the water or heats the water very mildly.
  • ●        When the color of the water is found to be murky or rusty.
  • If the water tastes or smells like metal.
  • Any odd noise is noticed from the water heater
  • And when any kind of leakage of water is found in the water heater.

The installation process of a water heater

A water heater installation is not as easy as putting up the unit in the wall. It includes many works related to electricity or natural gas which should not be handled without any proper precautions especially if you have no experience in the work, it is advised not to get involved in it. Having a professional worker or plumber is the best choice for a safe and right installation of the water heater. When a professional technician is hired to do the installation process, they would complete the work at the first attempt and will ensure that the water heater has a longer life period of ten to twenty years depending on the usage, maintenance, and many such factors. They will also have access to all the materials and tools required to do the installation work easily.

Tank-type water heater VS tankless water heater:      

Water heaters are of two-types, tankless and tank-type water heater. Each water heater has its pros and cons. Tank-type water uses a tank to store the heated water whereas a tankless water heater doesn’t have a tank and heats the water at an instant as the faucet is turned on.

Pros and cons of a tank-type water heater:               

The pros of a tank-type water heater are a tank-type water heater costs lesser than the tankless water heater, it is designed well to work efficiently, the latest model of tank-type water heater has increased their efficiency, it can handle even the excess need of hot water, and can easily be installed.

The cons of having a tank-type water heater are it have to be turned-on always even when the water is not needed to keep the water hot, it takes up a large space in the room, the lifespan is only around 12 years, and it can only be installed in the indoors.

Pros and cons of tankless water heater:

The pros of having a tankless water heater are it is energy-efficient saving up the water cost, it never runs out of hot water, it is smaller in size than the tank-type water heater for which it can be fitted anywhere, and the life period lasts up to 20 years.

The cons of a tankless water heater are that it is very costly, the process of installation is very expensive and takes more time, and is not capable of handling high water needs.

Electric water heater VS gas water heater:

The electric water heater that runs with electricity is more efficient than the gas water heater. But since electricity is consumed to heat the water, the electricity cost gets expensive.

The best choice of water heater for a large family is the gas water heater which can be used even when the power is insufficient.

One can contact a professional expert to discuss and choose the water heater best suitable for your home. Ohio Water Heaters is one efficient company providing the best water heater installation Columbus.