Guide to the Path of Self Sufficiency – HHRD

Guide to the Path of Self Sufficiency – HHRD

It’s a known fact that gas stations are the most expensive places these days. Prices are skyrocketing not only in the United States but throughout the world, making it difficult for families to make ends meet. The stress level is rising as breadwinners work multiple full-time jobs to ensure their basic needs are met. Combined with the added challenges of the holiday season, this struggle will increase anxiety and mental illness. However, what about those who cannot even afford the basics such as food? The average person lives on $1.90 a day; this isn’t even enough to buy a cup of coffee. People living in poverty due to civil wars or natural disasters bear the brunt of inflation. Helping Hand USA is working to end cyclical poverty, food and water insecurity, child neglect, limited healthcare access, and lack of opportunities for women and refugees.

In the Skills Development and Livelihood Program (SDLP), we provide skill pieces of training to empower breadwinners to become self-sufficient and take control of their unfortunate circumstances. Donors who sponsor SDLP students ensure students will receive training in a variety of fields, including computers, sewing, henna, and mechanics. HHRD is harnessing the collective power of its donors and communities to promote philanthropy and celebrate generosity through GivingTuesday.

Safina is a middle-aged woman who lives with her husband and teen-aged daughter in Chakwal. She is married to a local electrical worker. Safina’s husband suffered a stroke and is partially paralyzed from it. Family members loaned them money to pay for his treatment. The family was left with no source of income, however, so they were unable to provide for themselves. Safina, realizing that it was her responsibility to provide for her family, enrolled in HHRD‘s Skills Development and Livelihood Center to learn how to stitch school uniforms. As a result of registering with HHRD’s school uniform production program, she is now able to earn enough money to manage the expenses of her family.

The vision of HHRD is to sustain the livelihoods of all households through One Home One Skill. HHRD trains artisans in 10 countries through its Skills Development and Livelihood Centers (SDLCs), which assist artisans with developing products, improving product quality, and marketing them.  The beneficiaries are on the road to a better life as a result of talent assessments and skills advancement opportunities. In addition to being given the chance to work for a better life, they also gain the confidence to succeed.

She graduated from SDLC Nairobi with a degree in Henna Art. Since she was in high school, she had a passion for the arts and a creative side, so she pursued the art course. Patterns, shading, symmetry, and other distinctive elements must be mastered and applied to create the designs, and each artist has their own way of doing things. According to Hafsa, she has done decorations for clients at weddings, family events, and on request. The process requires patience and precision, she says. Hafsa has just graduated but is already making enough money to support herself and her family.

Over 45,000 individuals have been trained in employable skills by HHRD with the support of donors since 2010. Providing knowledge to families and enabling them to live independent lives can help end this cycle of poverty. With hard work and success, there is a certain sweetness that comes with it! That is determination.