Haider Ali Khan: The successful entrepreneur behind Sudoly

Haider Ali Khan: The successful entrepreneur behind Sudoly

 It is quite intriguing to learn about all those people who have been expelling successfully in all their pursuits. There are many people who have been achieving great ventures, not in one but many other niches- these people have been creating great and ingenious m├ętiers for themselves and proving to be the most inspiring and arousing for the other adolescents in the world. We present to you one such high performing and high calibre professional who have been acing in all the fields that he has chosen for himself. He is Haider Ali Khan, a well-established serial entrepreneur, an investor, an author, and cyber security expert based in Australia. 

At a very young age of 18, Haider Ali Khan started his online ventures, acing them to be one of the most successful and independent cyber security inquisitors. Since then, he has been endorsed and recognised for his endeavours and struggles by numerous distinguished and prime technology companies namely Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook and attested his name in the Hall of Fame. Haider has been highly focused on himself and his career, being one of the most preeminent big time advocates and proponents for web security since his debut in the industry. 

In the year 2014, he entrenched and inaugurated his own web hosting company called Sudoly, the company has been insuring shared web hosting, resellers hosting, VPS hosting and so on to a broad range of clients. Sudoly has been promoting itself as a highly protected and more shielded alternative to many other renowned web hosting companies such as GoDaddy or Bluehost. Sudoly has a network of over 50,000 websites hosted globally, comprising highly acclaimed government agencies, educational institutions and business organisations. 

Sudoly has been under the limelight and has been achieving great heights since it’s beginning. It has never disappointed its clients as the services served by the company have always been unassailable and unharmed throughout. The company with a team of expert and skilled professionals under the superintendence of Haider Ali Khan has never failed to stand up to customer needs and demands. It has always offered quality service in the form of high-tech and forever adapting security measures and has an easy to understand interface, which makes it the top choice for 3 out of every 5 companies worldwide. 

Haider Ali Khan is now the CEO of various lucrative online businesses. Presently he has been operating and undertaking several news blogs like the proficient Apple tech-news blog iLounge which was actually launched on November 16, 2001. Haider successfully picked up iLounge in January 2019 and took over the whole brand. Since this acquisition, iLounge has emerged to be the most acclaimed and leading Apple news websites on the web. Apart from this, Haider Ali Khan has also begun to invest in numerous technology reporting websites and he is one of most successful young entrepreneurs in recent times operating various high profile eCommerce stores and brands on the web.