Hawaii businesses plan for the launch of Safe Access Oahu on Monday

Hawaii businesses plan for the launch of Safe Access Oahu on Monday

Beginning Monday, Sept. 13, just the people who have their COVID vaccine or show proof of a negative COVID test can get into gyms, restaurants and movie theaters.

Numerous local businesses are getting ready for the launch of Safe Access Oahu. At Honolulu Fitness Center, it is stretching out beyond the game by already asking individuals for their proof of vaccination a few days early.

“We check their vaccine card when they come in only once and after that, we incorporate it into our system to make it easier to see who has the vaccine card or not,” said Nestor Calucag, owner of Honolulu Fitness Center.

The Surfing Pig has gone through weeks training its representatives to valid coronavirus vaccine cards. The restaurant said it is ready to go, yet there is one thing it is stressed over.

“We’re more concerned with customers that may be angry. and we don’t want to play the policeman, but the direction is that one of the managers has to be close to the front door so that our employees don’t have to deal with it,” said Stan Glander, president of Kono’s Restaurants.

Under Safe Access Oahu, restaurants will likewise be needed to follow a 10 p.m. cut off for alcohol. Not following the rules will accompany a powerful cost for businesses that incorporates a $5,000 fine and additionally one year in jail. Honolulu police said officials will react to any reports.

“It’s going to work where the patrons and people who are observing will notice that a restaurant is not complying, and there is a number that people can call to inform of non-compliance,” said Sheryl Matsuoka, Hawaii Restaurant Association executive director.

The only vaccine exemption will be a negative COVID test required 48 hours earlier for clients and weekly testing for workers.

“Now we’re just adding an extra step, and we’re making sure that our customers are being safe, not just our staff, but our customers are being safe,” said Glander.