Healthy Emmie Proves a Plant-Based Diet Can Change Lives for the Better

Healthy Emmie Proves a Plant-Based Diet Can Change Lives for the Better

Over the past several years, there has been much more interest in following a plant-based diet instead of relying heavily on animals for food and beverages, such as meat, milk, and cheese. With a growing interest in the benefits of the diet and how it works, people from all over the world are starting to do their research to learn more about it. While looking for information on following a plant-based diet, it’s common for individuals to come across Emmie Keefe’s name.

Emmie Keefe is the Founder of Healthy Emmie LLC and the Slim on Starch Program. She regularly works with skilled and impactful nutrition and mindset coaches to help clients achieve their weight loss goals while eating better food and following a plant-based diet that works. While the company launched in 2019, it increased in popularity as more people decided that they were ready to make such a drastic lifestyle change.

Known for the vital tips on living a plant-based life that she regularly shares on YouTube with her thousands of followers, Emmie Keefe believes in helping others make the positive changes that can improve their health and wellbeing. “I regularly share important tips on switching from an animal-based diet to a plant-based diet while providing client success stories to my viewers,” shared Keefe. “I want them to know that anything is possible, and you’re never too old to make changes to your eating habits. I’ve taken my viewers on a journey of coaching both my mother and father while on a quest to help them lose weight and lower cholesterol. I’ve even helped my formerly obese father lose 60 pounds and become a much healthier version of himself. If my parents can do it, so can you!”

What initially started as a hobby eventually turned into something that Emmie started doing full-time. “I was sharing my plant-based journey and nutrition tips on YouTube as a hobby for several years because I initially planned on becoming a math teacher. I didn’t expect to do this for a living. However, when my videos started to gain a lot of traction and positive feedback, I decided it was time to switch career plans,” said Keefe. “Instead of continuing to work as a teacher, I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to pursue a dream of health coaching. I’ve put so much effort into my business because I’m passionate about it, and I have faith that it will continue growing over the years. I put my all into it because I love helping others, and I love seeing the changes my clients can make.”

Now, she gets to do what she loves while helping others make significant dietary changes to reap the benefits that come along with a plant-based diet. Despite initially creating YouTube videos for the fun of it in her spare time, she’s since turned her hobby into a successful business venture while helping hundreds of clients achieve their weight loss goals in a healthy, safe, and practical way. Follow her incredible journey of helping others and discussing the advantages of plant-based diets on Instagram @HealthyEmmie.