Here Are the Lyrics to Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel, ‘Dear God”

Here Are the Lyrics to Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel, ‘Dear God”

After a series of delays, Nigerian musician Oluwaseyi Olufemi Emmanuel finally delivered his new single titled “Dear God“.

Produced by Beatz by Simao.
Directed by Anthony Ejefoh.
Check out the full lyrics below.


Dear God I am your son
And I request you today
Mofed’eni eye
Please make it better here

Verse 1:

Dear God I’m asking you as a son
Growing up thinking what my life would be
Be interesting, be sad or be fun
It feel like my heart is starting to bleed

Verse 2:

I’m gonna cry all my tears out
At young age I began to write rhymes
Take a pen, take a card do some art
Fine, I stopped I felt they weren’t even mine

Verse 3:

Sometimes I check my life and ask what am I missing
So much negativity
So many critics
Critics, once, twice
Critics every time
And discourage at the same time
Dear God, please make it better here
I wanna make it this year


God please take my hurt away
God please I wanna laugh again
God please I wanna smile again
I wanna be successful and have fame

Bridge 2:

Oluwa, shower your blessings on me
Blessings on me
Blessings on me