Here’s all you need to know about popular Artist and Youth icon of 2021 Sagar Bhardwaj and his musical endeavour

Here’s all you need to know about popular Artist and Youth icon of 2021 Sagar Bhardwaj and his musical endeavour

Sagar Bhardwaj (born 3rd December 1998) is a Popular Indian Haryanvi Artist, Singer , lyricist and model known for his work in Punjabi music. He is best known for the songs “Yaadan de Sahaare ”, “Tareef Teri”, “ crushed ”. Now all over these recently he had launched his new Song “Tareef teri” collabration with Rare Rishabh and Seathi Nizampuriya. This Song is Produced by Pawan Rajput and Rahul Atri.

Sagar started his career with writing lyrics for his Songs . In 2020 he realeased his first song Yaadan De Sahaare . Then he came into limelight with his tracks. Subsequently he achieved mainstream popularity in 2020 with “Yaadan de Sahaare and Tareef Teri ”. His songs are also uploaded by some famous you tube channels. He realeased his tracks as a lead artist. The songs music has been listened over Million times on Spotify.

By the way, Sagar Bhardwaj himself is a great actor. And he also has a very good relations with many well-known artists. One of them is a special artist Mannu Davan MD desirockstar (Desi Desi Fame) who is a very famous artist of the Haryanvi industry. And if we talking about there relations with MD Desi Rockstar they are old friends and they know each other from very old times. Sagar Bhardwaj’s relations with MD is not before his success but it’s after his success too. Along with MD, his younger brother KD is also a very good friend of Sagar Bhardwaj. During all this, Sagar Bhardwaj has done show with MD and KD on Various Stages and in Many Big Cities. Now Sagar Bhardwaj is himself a youth icon of 2021 of India and Got a Good Popularity all over India. Similarly, along with MD KD, many more artists will come to his songs. Meanwhile, both MD KD and Sagar Bhardwaj will work together to make songs. Talking about the rest of the singers, Gulzar Channi Wala, who is a well-known personality in the Haryanvi industry and Sidhu Mousse Wala, a famous Bollywood Actor Jayati Bhatia and Rits Badiani, has also promoted Sagar Bhardwaj’s songs. Similarly, in the coming time, the name of Sagar Bhardwaj will be seen with many other big actors.

The young singer has already established himself in the music industry and has a huge fan following on social media. Sagar’s instagram account has over 100k+ followers, making him a popular name on the social media platform. He create magic on the big screen with his acting skills as well.

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