Step-by-step Guide about How To Hide Likes And Views Counter For Instagram Posts?

Step-by-step Guide about How To Hide Likes And Views Counter For Instagram Posts?

Hide Likes And Views in Instagram: With more than 500 million everyday dynamic clients, Instagram is among the most well known web-based entertainment stages around the world. Since its send off in 2010, the photograph sharing stage has made considerable progress. In 2022, the stage isn’t simply home to youthful clients, however organizations, brands and powerhouses from one side of the planet to the other.

In such a climate where netizens have openness to a tremendous crowd, a few clients are not happy sharing the quantity of preferences and perspectives on their Instagram posts. As far as they might be concerned, Instagram as of now has an element set up and in this article, clients will figure out how to conceal the perspectives and preferences counts from their Instagram posts.

Step by step instructions to conceal likes and perspectives counter on Instagram
1. Open Instagram and make a post
2. Just prior to sharing the post, on the ‘New post’ page, tap on ‘Cutting edge Settings’ at the base
3. Flip the choice close to ‘Conceal like and view relies on this post’
4. Return to the ‘New post’ and distribute the image or video

Presently, the image or the video will show up without the like and the view counter on other clients’ feed
In the event that a client has proactively pushed a post yet needs to conceal the like or view counter, there is an answer. Go to the profile segment and find the post. Open the post and tap on the three spots at the upper right corner. In the menu that opens up, select ‘Conceal like count’ or ‘Climb like and view counts.’ If clients need, they can turn around this also by tapping o ‘Unhide like count’ or ‘Unhide like and view includes’ in a similar menu.

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