High School Freshman, Ammon, pays College Tuition at Age 15

High School Freshman, Ammon, pays College Tuition at Age 15

The internet is full of interesting and amazing ways to grow and start a business at any age, and someone by the name of ‘Ammon’, is a perfect example!

Meet Ammon, a 15-year-old boy who started learning the basics of computer design and graphics all on his own at just age 6 on a crummy laptop, learning the ins and outs of editing by stitching vacation family photos together and showing it off to his loving family. He started to slowly learn more and more tools and skills to grow to the point where he would even be able to make his very own stop motion mini-movies with action figures he owned lying around on the floor.

He would move the arm, take a picture, move the arm, take a picture, and then take all of those pictures and stitch them all together to make a fun little animation/movie for him to be proud of. He eventually got so proud of his work, he actually made a custom made stop motion movie for his entire elementary school to watch and enjoy when the school talent show came along!

Around Late 2017, Ammon and his Father, Don, Partnered together to build what would be known as Ammon’s Editing PC, all by themselves, ordering parts on amazon and praying the cord worked! They got a custom case choice, new monitor, everything a young kid could need to go wild and follow their dreams. That’s exactly what Ammon did. At this point in time, Ammon had already mastered the art of editing and had made over 100 sales on his “pop-up” overlays from his very own Startup business.

In early 2019 Ammon started his very own business named “AmmonGFX”, which started as a hobby, which then took off due to Ammon creating his Twitter account (https://www.twitter.com/ItsAmmon) and running advertisements, starting relationships, and even getting jobs from youtube creators with over 8,000,000 followers on social media, and Even had the opportunity to work with the massively multiplayer gaming corporation Roblox, to design logos and motion graphics for certain aspects of the site. This, unfortunately, didn’t last long, and he was laid off towards the end of 2019. Ammon then decided to go solo again and started selling his own “star creator code” animations for Roblox youtube content creators to utilize in their videos.

Ammon is currently earning money to save for college, and he has amassed over 10,000 dollars with just a dream and a computer. Oh, and the internet of course. Ammon wishes to let all kids and teenagers everywhere that you are never too young to follow your dream, and even make a little buck out of it! Its quite an amazing experience, and it truly helps grow professionalism in kids of all ages, preparing them for the future. The Internet has endless possibilities and will never cease to grow and grow.

Ammon likes to spend his time, “editing video and ordering DoorDash chick fil a.” Ammon said in an interview. He spends his money buying newer and newer parts for his computer and keyboards, etc. This is also a great opportunity for teens everywhere struggling to get a job to know that you could actually, really, earn money from doing what you love on the internet. Say it be Gaming, you’ve got ESports, say it be coding, you can create websites for businesses and design the Operating System for future tech companies, heck, if you love cooking you can start a recipe blog and charge a monthly subscription to view your recipes! In my case, my passion was graphics design, so I made a store and went to work on it.

If there is one thing Ammon wants to solidify in parents and teen’s heads, it that you should “ALWAYS go for your dreams! Don’t let your age hold you down from accomplishing something truly remarkable in this world”

If you’d like you can keep up to date with what Ammon is up to nowadays by following his Public Twitter Account. (@ItsAmmon).