HOLLYGOLD global launch in July: A New Generation Public Blockchain for Film & TV Industry

HOLLYGOLD global launch in July: A New Generation Public Blockchain for Film & TV Industry

As we all agree, film and television are the first choice when it comes to nourishment for the mind in the modern world. Not only can film and television meet people’s spiritual needs, but leave also the most immediate image legacy to cultural heritage. Recently, there is exciting news in the film and television industry — a new generation of public blockchain for film and television companies, HOLLYGOLD, will be launched globally in July, which thrills the whole industry.

HOLLYGOLD was founded by a number of professionals with decades of experience in international finance and entertainment industry. With the features of openness, transparency, non-tampering and decentralization, this blockchain technology ought to lead the film and television industry back to healthy growth, solve the problems of inferior content due to endless expansion of the market, capital monopoly, as well as aid fundraising, inadequate creative income and deal with frustration caused by nontransparent data.

As HOLLYGOLD’s success in introducing blockchain technology and integrating the film and television industry, Base FX from the world-renowned VFX company, CEO Chris Bremble, expressed optimism about the strategic partnership with HOLLYGOLD, hoping to empower Hollywood and the global film and television industry by the help of blockchain. In the congratulations video recorded by Chris Bremble for HOLLYGOLD, we got a peek of the new film “Wish Dragon” by Base FX. Although Chris did not specifically mention the cooperation between “Wish Dragon” production and HOLLYGOLD in the video, it was not difficult to feel his jubilation about this cooperation in his words.

Base FX is the leading visual effects and animation studio in Asia. Anchored by its Strategic Alliance with Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Base has more than fifty Hollywood theatrical film credits, including Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Pacific Rim, Star Trek into Darkness, Looper, Identity Thief, Mission Impossible 4, and Super 8. In China, the company has worked with directors Zhang Yimou (Flowers of War), Chen Kaige (Sacrifice), Jia Zhangke (A Touch of Sin), Lu Chuan (The Last Supper), Xue Xiaolu (Finding Mr. Right), and Ning Hao (Breakup Buddies). Base has also provided visual effects for the TV series/mini-series The Pacific, Boardwalk Empire, Black Sails, True Detective, and The Last Ship. Base received Emmys for its work on The Pacific, Boardwalk Empire, and Black Sails.

HOLLYGOLD is set to be launched globally in July and will be introduced into the major film and television industries around the world for its further empowerment.

This move represents a formal gesture of traditional film and television industry towards digital film and television, but more significantly, people around the world will be able to experience the impact of decentralization on an industry and the world through HOLLYGOLD and its blockchain-based application platform for film and television. After the film and television industry eliminate the influence of centralization of capital, all high-quality content and great actors shall come to light, and decentralized digital film and television is beneficial to prompting a healthy development in the entire industry. In the near future, HOLLYGOLD plans to open a unique community market in Hollywood, so that film and television will no longer be a tool of capitalists. As a blockchain-based decentralized project on the verge of transforming traditional film industry, HOLLYGOLD is bound to set off a new revolution in the global film and television industry.