Home Exercises for Your New Year’s Resolution

Home Exercises for Your New Year’s Resolution

Year 2021 has ended to start 2022. After you have satisfied your holiday cravings, most of us have set a new goal. The goal is to get back that beach body for the summer. Most will fail, but some are more consistent than others. But what is the secret of how to achieve that beach body; even better, to be consistent to be fit all year round?

Being consistent is not having a diet plan or going with the latest fitness fad in the gym. It is a combination of motivation within and a reliable routine. So here are some suggestions and simple exercises you can do at home to help you be the “New You.”

Before You Start

Now I know you want to get started right away. But before you start, you must prepare the following.

Prepare Your Mind

Before we can change the outside, there must be changes on the inside first. Bad habits must change and motivate yourself to be a better person. If you can control the little man inside your head, you can achieve your goals and be consistent in them.

Set Goals

Here is the tricky part, most of us set goals that are either too hard to achieve or too easy to start right away. So better set a plan you can achieve, but you must be up to the challenge. By this, you are motivated to start and will do it right away.

Make It Achievable

The goal to achieve something depends on your motivation. Is it for your health, to look good for the summer, or do you want to wear that dress for a special event? Whatever the goal is, it must be worth the effort in reaping the rewards. But the best motivation is to stay fit and be consistent. Making your goals achievable is another step in becoming the new you.

Home Exercises

Now that your mind is ready and you have set your goals. Here are some home exercises that are easy to do and with less to no equipment needed. Now, this exercise may be harmless at first but doing it the wrong way may lead to injuries, so always remember to do warm-ups if you will do it with higher frequency and intensity.


Many would visualize the basic military press when you talk about push-ups. But there are many variations of this great upper body workout. From the easy knee assisted to one-hand push-ups. More than a hundred if you try to search it. Now what to do depends on your capacity. If you are a beginner, do first the easy ones but with higher repetitions. If you can do 10, then try to do 15 or 20. If you can do a hundred of it, switch for something with a bit of difficulty. 


Like push-ups, we always associate crunches with the sit-up. But like push-ups, the sit-up is only one of the many variations of this ab workout. The difference is that when you do crunches, you need to do many variations to target a part of your abdominals. Some crunches target one or many parts, upper, middle, lower, and sides. 

After doing your set, you need to do some supplementary exercises. This is for your back and to stretch your abdominal muscles to maintain good posture. If done wrong, crunches may result in back pains and or neck pains and affect posture if not corrected. But if you include this in your workout, you will gain a better result.


The fad of early 2010 is not what we mean about planks. It is more of bracing yourself in a push-up position for several seconds to a few minutes. It may be simple to think, but it exerts effort from your core muscle to stay in that position for minutes. Many variations of this exercise are available with their routine. But even though there are sets of this exercise available, this is not a complete workout. So better incorporate it with other workouts for better results.

Lunges and Squats

Now lunges and squats are not only great lower body workouts. These exercises also target the lower abs and your back.

  • Squats

Squats are symmetrical in execution. Squats are suitable for your lower back and to develop your legs and buttocks. Pairing with the upper body workout will give you a tapered or hourglass figure. It is also great for endurance, it may target your lower body, but it is considered a full body workout. With or without weights, it is a great exercise.

  • Lunges

Also known as split-squat lunges are asymmetrical in execution. It means your workout one side then the other. This exercise improves your posture and balance. Lunges Strengthen your core muscles and back. You can perform this with weights for more resistance.

Hollow Body Hold

Now, this is an advanced exercise. This may be simple to execute but easy to do wrong, resulting in back or neck pains. It is done by engaging your core muscles and supporting your body by it for a few seconds. This is great as an addition to your ab workout and to have more variety of exercise so the routine will not be boring.

Being the New You

Now you have your mind and body ready for the coming days, weeks, and months to improve how you feel and look. Always remember to include proper nutrition. Having an excellent nutritional discipline also contributes significantly to your journey. 

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