How a good internet helps you to develop apps?

How a good internet helps you to develop apps?

The more advanced life is becoming the better opportunities we are receiving in finding the best space, the best field where we can exercise our talents. Not many of us realized by the mid of our teens what exactly was it that we wanted to do with our lives. This question has become irrelevant now. The reason is only the fact that everything has now become technologically advanced, modernized, and computerized in the sense that we don’t need manual work as much as it was needed in previous times. Previously, people wanted to develop manual skills, but now that is completely unnecessary to have an expert hand at manual work because computers have become immensely advanced. When I say “computers,” I mean everything that comes under that title: internet, e-commerce, online marketing and business, an online guide through applications and software, websites, e-books, and libraries. Internet is the greatest asset that a computer has. One can entertain oneself by watching movies and shows online; one can also establish a startup through the internet. It is a huge universe in itself. Television, phone, and the internet have replaced other needs. A good service satisfies the user just as a good culinary experience does, like AT&T Internet service that provides clientswith the most reliable and high-speed internet.

One of the greatest conveniences ever created by the internet was introducing applications to the world. Not only does it serve the business sector in their development, but it also immensely serves the student body by facilitating them with applications and software that assist them in learning their field in a much more advanced manner. Here are a few examples:

  1. If you’re a student of literature, you may often be in a situation where you would not be able to find the right book for yourself from the library. What would you do? Definitely not wasting more time searching the particular book. Internet and online applications help you find the book that you need, available on the websites and applications free of cost. You might have to buy some books but there is plenty of stock freely available online on the internet. The best part about these applications is that they are totally free. You need to have a phone where you can install them and get started. Another benefit, that we have mentioned before but didn’t particularly stress, is the fact that you don’t have to save up money or make money through numerous jobs so you can afford the stuff for your course, like books and notes. If they are available on a website or an application, you can use your phone to access them. You can also buy a kindle and store a gazillion books on it. One more benefit of such applications is their feature of offering shipment of your required books at your doorstep. That may cost you but it is still is quite convenient if your traditional self wants you to keep a physical copy of the book you want for yourself. Worth it, nonetheless. 
  2. If you’re studying medicine and need to learn the names of bones, what do you do? Cram those words. But surely, that is one tough nut to crack. There are other ways to learn them and, in fact, better understand them – which is, by installing applications that help in providing you with 3D videos of the bones, muscles, and inner part of our bodies. 
  3. If you’re a student of graphic designing, you’re going to be mostly dependent on applications and software. Graphic designing, as the name suggests, is completely dependent on software and the internet because not only is it exercised on the computer, it can also be learned through the internet. One can find tutorials on YouTube that give quite a detailed guide on learning specific tools of a software or application. 
  4. If you’ve kids and you worry about their grooming for you are mostly busy working, you can install applications about learning mathematical sums, English rhymes, or even for watching informative cartoons and playing such games to enhance their cognitive abilities. 
  5. Applications on your phone will help you have a helping hand in disguise. If at any point, something goes wrong, you can rely on these applications to solve the trouble for you. For example, if you need to scan a document that your boss urgently needs and you certainly can’t go up to him and blurt out this excuse, what you can do is install the application that lets you scan your document without charging you anything. It would take about 5 minutes to do the task. 

With all the given uses of applications and how widespread their functionality is, let’s talk about the things that you need to know if you’re in the business of making applications and generating some revenue through them.
In the next part of this article, I will write down a few things you need to know if you find yourself interested in making applications or, in fact, just interested in thinking of great ideas for applications. 

  • Think of an Idea

The first thing is to think of a creative idea for an application. You have to think of the needs of the audience as well as the quality of the service you can provide to the user. Brainstorm! Think of the things you wanted from an application. Ask around! 

  • Choose a Platform 

Are you going to make a Windows app, Android, or iOS? This is a tough choice. If you want to yield profit, then you should go for iOS. Do you want your applications to come on the App Store or Google store, that’s again your choice. You have to see the users and the kind of devices and software they use.  

  • Make the Design 

It should have a killer design. You must hire professional graphic designers that know the colors and graphics that attract and make a catchy impression. All the software, iOS, Android, or Google, have their specific designs and graphics. Make sure you hire the right person for their concerned task. 

  • Test Your Application 

Once your application is made, the next step is to check it or test it if it works fine. You don’t want your users to have a bad experience and leave a bad review on the app, right? Make sure you check every feature of your app before it’s published. 

  • Monetize it and you’re good to go!     

The last thing you do after testing your app on a device is publishing it and sending it on for approval. After it has been approved, it will be published on whichever platform you have chosen for your application. You put a few bucks on the app but make sure there is a free trial on it so the user would know what he is installing and have a satisfactory experience.