How Alan Gokoglu and Fotios Tsiouklas’s Apps Will Empower Thousands

How Alan Gokoglu and Fotios Tsiouklas’s Apps Will Empower Thousands

When it comes to apps it seems as if hundreds of new apps are released daily. The question is, are they helpful or just for fun? Most are simply for fun. Fotios Tsiouklas and Alan Gokoglu have actually been able to make apps that not only help young kids learn, but it helps them learn while they have fun. Such apps include Tiny Town and Metropolis.

Gaming codes are easily acceptable compared to purchasing a physical disc from the store nowadays. Fotios and Alan realized the benefits of getting the digital key and how the opportunity can quickly generate revenue while resolving the long and complicated way of acquiring the physical product. As a result, Fotios and Alan helped potential targets get the key with a quicker and safer method with limited incompatibility. Australia’s youngest millionaires enabled users to play a game and win discount codes or gain access to special deals by merely playing the apps. 

The development of apps has led to many positive impacts. Fotios and Alan worked with celebrity model Blac Chyna at the age of 17 and created an app, which was used to incentivize product purchases through an addictive arcade game. Fotios details that having a famous face will give credit ratings to all those looking for the same product and results. The successful implementation of the app sparked the idea for Apps4Brands and other SaaS products. Some of their SaaS businesses include the world’s very first TikTok growth service and a SaaS built around Andrew Hristo’s personal brand that educates people on fitness and e-commerce. They have a similar concept with Andrew Koulloupas, Steve Malkoun, and others.

Hundreds of thousands of children aged 3-6 years old have not been left behind. As mentioned before, Fotios and Alan have made education and learning fun by creating Tiny Town. With the opening up of the e-platforms, young ones can enjoy playing the Metropolis app as well and learn new things each day.

In support of maintaining and passing over a positive cultural attitude to the future generations, Fotios crafted a social impact campaign geared towards supporting and pushing for additional Greek-speaking lessons. The drive has made the two philanthropists offer free apps to encourage more students to take Greek courses up to 12th grade.

The tech industry’s rapid growth led to the need to recruit exceptionally talented and handpicked app development teams capable of building anything their imagination may hold. Fotios and Alan’s approach directly creates employment for other individuals and expands the market base with high expertise, thus attending to clients’ needs at a go. They are able to build any kind of app their clients are in need of. As of June 2020, the two were valued at $5 million with the help of all their businesses and apps.

Aside from the popular arcade game apps and learning apps, they are also helping business owners create their own unique apps that can handle whatever the client needs. Whether it is an app to communicate with clients or an app that offers their services and products, they can handle it.

Fotios and Alan’s strategic goals and objectives are inclined to ensure a positive impact for all end users. The two haven’t stopped there though, they have a recent startup called Simplify Press that was designed to help people from all over the world get their stories heard through radio, television, and more. It seems as if Fotios and Alan are an unstoppable duo when it comes to technology and business.