How can promotional personalised gift mugs help your Brand?

How can promotional personalised gift mugs help your Brand?

People love their mugs. Not many things are as comforting as holding a warm cup with the rich aroma of a beverage, preferably coffee, wafting from it. Research shows that people are deeply attached to their mugs because they become part of their everyday lives. Even simply staring at it sparks off a train of thoughts in their minds. For those reasons, besides others, you should choose personalised gift mugs as promotional items to make your brand presence and enhance its visibility. Perhaps no other promotional product will have the same effect as a mug. At homes, cafes, drawing rooms, colleges, your company will be noticed every time someone drinks a hot beverage. It’s a cost-effective marketing campaign that gives you the kind of results you want. But what are some things that you should know before choosing mugs as giveaways?

Why are mugs an ideal choice for promotional items?

As mentioned above, selecting mugs as promotional gifts will convey that you care for your customers and potential clients. As they are available in many shapes and sizes, you can easily adjust your logo accordingly. Almost all of them offer plenty of space to exhibit your logo. A lot of people prefer to carry their mugs wherever they go. Every time they enjoy a sip of coffee in it, the logo will be visible to others and arouse their interest immediately. Since they are long-lasting, people can use them throughout the year, unlike some items. Besides being used for beverages, coffee mugs are also used as pen holders, planters, and candle holders.

What kind of mugs should you choose?

You have to consider size, material, quality, and style while selecting mugs for promotional purposes. Some of the popular choices for cups are stainless steel double wall, Thermax, Capri vacuum, Bendigo enamel, corvette and Viking vacuum.

Know your target audience

Knowing who the target audience is can be helpful. For example, gym-goers will prefer mugs that are elongated and have a small opening at the top along with a lid. On the other hand, office goers might like the shorter and broader cups.

What kind of coffee do they like?

You could also survey your customers to know what type of coffee your audience likes. For instance, a sweet espresso is best served in a sizable cup, while a narrower one is ideal for a bitter espresso.

Types of mugs

There are four basic types of mugs: travel, mug, tumbler and espresso cup, which are made from stainless steel, ceramic, glass, melamine, china and stoneware, besides other materials. Ceramics is an excellent choice as it lasts the longest and is popular with people. They also have a wide variety of features, including double-walled, microwave safe, pour-over, vintage, set and footed.

How should your logo be?

The design or logo on the personalised mug should be catchy, attractive and exciting. It should attract the attention of the user and those around them at once to ensure maximum visibility. Go with colours that are bright and cheerful, like yellow. The logo should not be too large and messy or too small not to be easily noticed. All logos on coffee mugs should be placed outwards so that the vinyl does not come in contact with the mouth and is easily seen by others.

How to purchase your promotional mugs?

It is advisable to purchase your promotional gift mugs from a trustworthy promotional product supplier. The reason is that they will have a wide range of them along with the technology required to design your logo the way you want it. You could ask them about the prices beforehand along with the delivery time. Opt for a supplier that provides you with free design assistance, visual mockups and pre-production samples to help you understand the quality of their work. Before placing your order, you could check the testimonials on their website besides contact details like email, address and social media presence. A reliable company dealing in promotional items will usually have all of these.

There is no better way to expand your brand’s presence and connect with your customers than personalised mugs. Your customers will thank you for gifting a handy, convenient, and valuable product.