How Danni Orlovschi Of Valera Media Used His Marketing Expertise to Change the Real Estate Game

Valera Media, started by 22 year old entrepreneur Danni Orlovschi, has found itself at the top of the marketing industry, amassing millions of dollars in revenue a year through its vast variety of services. Although the company has clear recognition within the marketing industry, they have decided to shift their focus from social media to real estate, engaging in a new kind of business that highly benefits both buyers and agents.

The goal of the company is to utilize their marketing expertise to maximize the potential of their preferred real estate agents using various creative strategies. Among many of the strategies used by the company includes facebook marketing, a strategy that helps yield many new clients. Not only does the company provide agents a substantial amount of additional sales, they created ways to help buyers pay their bills and find comfort in becoming a homeowner. Orlovschi used his charitable mindset to implement a mortgage give back program to help those in need. The company chooses one lucky person per quarter to pay three months of their mortgage, helping them get on track and smoothly transition into their new home. This offer applies to buyers who use Valera Media’s preferred real estate agents, structuring the offer as a true symbiotic relationship between buyers and the agents. 

Valera Media’s give back program is not the first charitable venture for owner Danni Orlovschi who has found a passion in giving back to the community. Orlovschi, through Valera media, has previously given away 100 thousand dollars to soldiers wounded in the act of duty. On top of the large monetary contribution, he also donated his personal jeep to a charity helping wounded soldiers. Orlovschi’s tireless work ethic and passion for giving back has proven him to be one of the most valuable individuals within the marketing industry.